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MMFL Classified Ads 
Classified ads can now be created and posted directly by the individual placing the ad. Ads will still be subject to approval by the MMFL so there may be a short delay before your ad actually appears on the website. Ads not directly related to fast pitch softball or the MMFL are prohibited. The MMFL Board of Directors reserve the right to reject and/or approve any ad.

By default, ads will run for 30 days or as specified by the advertiser. After the ad duration, they will be automatically removed. Once submitted, classified ads can be further edited by the contact person of the e-mail address used.

When approved, the system will notify the contact person via the e-mail address used. This notification will contain an "AUTHORIZATION CODE" for editing your ad. Please safeguard this code, it can also be used to remove your ad from the MMFL Classifieds before it actually expires.

Modifications to your ad by the MMFL may be necessary and will be made at the discretion of the league.

View Classifieds From These Categories
Equipment   -   No Ads

Help Wanted & Offered   -   No Ads

Instruction, Camps, Clinics   -   3/13/2018

Lost and Found   -   No Ads

Players Looking for Teams   -   No Ads

Teams Looking for Games   -   No Ads

Teams Looking for Players   -   2/7/2018

Team Tryouts   -   No Ads

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