The Metro Milwaukee Fastpitch League, UA (MMFL), an unincorporated nonprofit association, was formally organized in 1991 to provide fast pitch opportunity to the girls of Southeastern Wisconsin. The league is all volunteer, including its elected Board Members. This fast pitch softball league belongs to, and is controlled by its members. Our league is growing rapidly, from approximately 32 teams back in 1991, to 110 teams registering in 2013. Every year we anticipate more teams attempting to join. The Board of Directors are always looking for new ways to improve the league, not only in the quality of play, but it's structure, communication, and its general integrity. The MMFL is not owned or operated by any one individual; it belongs to the teams that are current members in good standing. 

We are very proud to present this fast pitch softball opportunity to youth girls interested in high-level competition. Our league is a very economical alternative to other youth oriented summer programs. The MMFL Bylaws clarify our formal structure.

Membership into the MMFL is open to any group, team or organization with enough girls/players in an appropriate age group to participate as a team. We split our league into 5 age groups, 8 and under (8U) 10 and under (10U), 12 and under (12U), 14 and under (14U), 16-18 and under (16U/18U).  The oldest girl in any one of the 5 age categories cannot exceed that age as of December 31 of the previous year in which the team will participate. In other words, if the oldest girl was 16 years old on December 31st of the previous year, she could play 16U throughout the current year. If she turned 17 on January 1st or anytime thereafter in the current year, she can still play 16U for that year. See the current Rules Page for specific details.

Although the MMFL is perhaps the strongest, most competitive Junior Olympic fastpitch softball league in Wisconsin, not all of our teams are National competitors. The league Board of Directors make every attempt possible to split the age groups into appropriate divisions for competitive reasons. In preparation of these divisions, the Board will take any comments or notations from our teams as to their anticipated quality of play, and place them accordingly. The general quality of a team and the competition they face throughout the regular season is very important to the girls, their parents and opposing teams.

The league season generally runs from June through the end of July. In some cases and age groups, the league will wait for the conclusion of the WIAA High School State Tournament. Some of our younger age groups may start earlier.

 Board of Directors and Meetings 
Our membership is made up of teams that blanket Southeastern Wisconsin. Coaches and/or club managers have the opportunity to meet at least 2 times per year to discuss current business. They will vote on matters affecting the league as presented by the Board, and every year new board members can be elected or re-elected. These board members, the Board of Directors, are essentially those members that run the league throughout the year. Questions and concerns about the league or its actions should be directed to them. See our Contacts Page . The MMFL By-Laws further define our elected officials.

 Communication and Web Site 
Because the MMFL is purely a voluntary organization, this web site, www.mmfl.org, has proven to be the best way to communicate information to our teams, parents and clubs. The site is updated almost daily with News, Scheduling, Classifieds, etc. E-mail is perhaps the best way to get in touch with any of the board members when necessary.  Use our Contacts  to send a message to the Board.

 Games and Fields 
All MMFL games are scheduled as double headers. Unfortunately, fields available to the league are spread over Southeastern Wisconsin, we feel that the doubleheader policy is in the best interest of everyone involved. Car pooling would be a recommended mode of transportation for teams traveling significant distances. Games are scheduled to start at 6:30 PM, with an 80 minute time limit. 10 minutes will be scheduled between each game. Games will be played and umpired under the guidelines and rules of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA). Special league rules superseding the ASA are listed on our web site.

Insurance through the league is mandatory to participate in the MMFL. Utilizing specific insurance outside the league is no longer an option for reduced rates into the MMFL. Our insurance will be provided and included in your registration fees through the Bolinger Insurance Agency, an ASA affiliate. For specific professional details, you can go directly to the Bollinger Insurance web site. Or, you can also call them at 1-800-526-1379 for information that may not be listed. "Individual" type insurance will be purchased by the MMFL, however teams as a whole are included.  The league itself will handle obtaining insurance through the Bollinger Insurance Company. We will not be dealing with an intermediate ASA Commissioner to handle these transactions for us. The league will be purchasing INDIVIDUAL insurance, not team insurance, and will be handling any requests for Certificates of Insurance and/or additional policy riders where needed.  All teams joining the MMFL will be insured during ANY amateur softball event as long as their players, coaches and scorekeepers are listed on the team roster form. Insurance coverage will run from January 1, through December 31 as long as team members are registered.

 Registration and Scheduling 
Presently, on-line league registration will open up on December 1st.  Because of the enormous growth within the MMFL, and the limited supply of facilities (lighted fields) and quality umpires, we will be limiting the number of teams in the MMFL. If your team is new to the MMFL, you may consider bringing one or more lighted fields for our use. When and if your team is accepted into the league, this pledge could assure you of a home field advantage for a majority of your games! See MMFL Field Requirements for more details. Returning teams registering and paying their down payment will have entry priority back into the league as long they meet our date requirements as seen on the Join Page. After that priority period, any other teams registered and their deposit on file, will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, based on their registration date and time. 

March 1st is the deadline for;

  • (**** Items listed below will be accessible from the secure area of our website)
    Unplayable dates as well as 3 weekend available dates
    Team quality questionnaires
    Preliminary team rosters must be mailed to league JO Commissioner Dale Ferron

April 1st is the deadline for;

Final registration payment

Preliminary roster form must be downloaded from MMFL site and sent in mail to Dale Ferron. Please be sure to add coaches on your roster. Go to registration page for further notes on roster.

Divisional alignment and scheduling will begin after March 1st. Completed schedules will be posted on the web site before the end of May. Every attempt possible will be made to accommodate unplayable dates supplied by teams. Once schedules are set and posted, they will be final. League rules specifically state strict penalties for game forfeitures.

The cost to participate in the MMFL can vary from year to year depending on budgetary planning. Included will be 14 league games, player and coaching insurance for an entire year, ASA membership, and official MMFL league softballs.

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