Joining the MMFL is a yearly process. Although the league will make every attempt possible to accept all teams that apply, there exists constraints that force us to limit the number of teams that can participate. The MMFL reserves the right to reject any team's registration for participation in the league.

The league registration process will beginning of December.

See the REGISTRATION PROCESS page for complete details. The MMFL is trying to make this yearly registration process simpler and more convenient for new teams and returning teams alike. 

Returning teams are further defined as teams that participated with us in the previous year. When a club or organization has more than one team associated with them, they are allowed to bring forward the same number of teams they had in the previous season, no matter the age groups or coaching. The same holds true for stand alone teams. If a team was in the 12U age group in the previous year, they could return as a 14U team; or even a 16U team the next year.

Organized clubs or organizations do play an important role toward the MMFL's success and intent to provide quality fast pitch softball opportunity to the young ladies who participate. As a result, the MMFL will continue to support and encourage clubs to build strong teams both on the field and off.

In the event a team decides to leave an established club or organization, the departing team shall lose its rights as a returning team into the MMFL. The club or organization will retain that's team's slot or spot for the next year.

Teams returning from the previous year will only be accepted during the designated priority time period (See the REGISTRATION PROCESS page.) When the number of teams within age groups to be allowed into the league for a given year is established, the registration page will still allow those age groups to be selected. After the returning teams are accepted, the number of NEW teams to be accepted into the league will be announced by age group and the second registration period will open.  No teams will be accepted without a deposit ($300) or the full league fee.

See the REGISTRATION PROCESS page detailing when the new registration periods will accept forms. For Non-Returning Teams, scheduling circumstances may require special consideration be given to specific teams within an age group.

Prior to March 1st, any payments made will be refunded if your team is NOT accepted into the league or you cannot assemble enough players to substantiate a team.  However, after March 1st, accepted teams that elect to drop out of the league for various reasons, payments will NOT be refunded.

The process of joining is broke down into 2 steps:

 Initial Registration 

  • The MMFL utilizes an automated on-line registration process, which basically involves three separate forms. The first step or form, Part 1; The Initial Registration form, must be submitted to the league to begin the process. A deposit or full payment must be received by the league before your team is officially accepted. Payment must be made in the form of a personal, team or club check, we do not accept credit card payments. Specific fee amounts will be displayed on the registration form. 

    A deposit of $300.00 or the full team fee is required prior to the MMFL accepting your team(s). Mailing instructions  can be found on the Contacts Page of our website.

    If your team is not accepted into the MMFL, your deposit will be refunded as described above. If your team drops out after the March 1st deadline, for any reason, your deposit will NOT be refunded.

    Teams accepted into the league for the new season will be posted on the Teams Page of our web site. Also, when your team is accepted, you will be sent an e-mail with a new ID and Password. This ID and Password will then allow you to enter the secure area of our web site ("login" menu option). This secure area of our website will be used for three different purposes; MMFL Roster, ASA Registration, insurance and game scoring. Both Players and Coaches must be individually entered into the Roster area in order to be insured for the year. The "Continued Registration" option will allow you to complete parts 2 & 3 of our registration process. Without these steps completed, your team will not be scheduled.

    It is strongly recommended you fill your team with 12 to 14 players to account for the many excuses your kids will come up with to miss a game. Remember to also register your coaches individually so they too will be insured. Don't risk a forfeit. A fielded team is 9 players, even though our rules allow you to actually play with 8. The MMFL allows for a maximum of 20 team members to be registered individually, including coaches. When adding multi-team players, be sure to read and understand our MMFL Rules regarding this subject. Your team could risk a forfeit playing with ineligible players.

 Secondary Deadlines 

  • After your team has been accepted and you've entered your players and coaches individually, your team will automatically be insured. New players can be added any time before the league's deadline for new players. (See the MMFL Rules for details) Players and coaches can also be removed from our on-line database as necessary.  Please keep your team's individual roster up to date and accurate. The number of players and coaches registered will have a financial impact on the league. 

    Before March 1st of the current year the following forms must be submitted to the MMFL:

                        •  Playable/Unplayable Dates, including 3 weekend available dates

                        •  Quality Questionnaire - A form used for scheduling purposes

Before April 1st the following must be Complete: 

Your team will not be scheduled and allowed to participate without this information.  Final team rosters should be sent in and complete prior to the start of our season. 2019 Team rosters/insurance can be downloaded from our home page.  Send in completed forms to Dale Ferron. More information on roster submission can be found on Registration process page.  

  • Final MMFL registration payment, if a deposit was previously sent in. 

  • A short time after the March 1st deadline, the MMFL Board of Directors will begin the scheduling process. Teams will be split into divisions. Each age group will typically be split into regions; multiple divisions, depending on the number of teams within each age group. Divisional updating can be viewed on the Teams Page. Once the entire process is complete, new schedules will be posted via the Scheduling Page of our website.

  • The league generally has 2 major meetings a year for all teams to discuss any changes that could affect league play. The first full league meeting will be held before the season starts, usually in May. The second meeting will be held at the conclusion of the normal summer season in time for our yearly elections. This meeting is generally held in November. We ask that all teams be represented by a coach, manager or a formal team representative. There could be specific topics that require full league voting. Again, please stay up to date with our web site, all official announcements will be posted there.

At our spring meeting, before our summer season starts, the league will distribute packets to each of our teams. Game balls will be distributed as well. Within the packets is vital information specific to your team; a current USA rule book, an USA score book. Teams insurance certificates will be sent in mail once you send in team rosters/insurance. This is provided by our insurance carrier; an Official MMFL membership card will be sent in mail


As per our League Rules, you must show up for every scheduled game, there are no excuses, nor are there any procedures if you can't make a scheduled game. Forfeited games will result in heavy fines to accommodate lost expenses to the league.

During the summer season, the official MMFL Facebook and Twitter will be put into service. The Facebook page and Twitter will be operational to inform coaches, managers, parents and umpires of game cancellations due to inclement weather.  Unless you hear otherwise via the Facebook or Twitter, ALL GAMES ARE ON. Only a scheduled umpire at the game location can decide whether or not conditions are safe for games to continue as scheduled.

At scheduled games, the umpiring crew will have an MMFL Game Report Card. This report card will be used as a player/game sign-up sheet as well as an official score card. These report cards will be signed by the coaches and umpires to insure their accuracy. The report cards must also contain any unusual circumstances encountered at the games. Umpires will be sending these forms back to the league as verification the games were played and assurance to the league that the correct umpires were there. MMFL umpires carry the burden of control and responsibility that our games are executed in a manner according to our rules and bylaws as well as the satisfaction of our players, coaches and parents. Game scores will be verified and updated from these Report Cards and posted on the respective divisional schedules. To speed the process of reporting game scores on our website, coaches can also enter game scores from the secure area of our website. Submitting scores in this manner will result in immediate updates for everyone to view but verified against the Game Report Cards later.

More team, game, and league information can be found on our About Us web page. If there are specific questions not answered on this page or anywhere else on our web site, please, don't hesitate to contact any or all of the MMFL Board members

The registration fee for the 2019 season will be $875 for all teams, plus a credit card and league app fee of $43.75

Registration will open in 2 phases; One for Returning Teams only; the second for New Teams.

Registration for Returning Teams will open Sat. Dec. 7th at 10 am and closes on Dec 21st. Team organization may decide which teams are returning or new teams. 

New Teams registration will open on Sat. Dec. 22nd at 10 am and will remain open until 3/1/19 all age groups are full, or March 1, whichever comes first.    See the REGISTRATION PROCESS  Page. All teams registering after Dec 22nd will be considered a new team. 

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